Townhall 9 attacking strategy LAVALOON(Personal favorite)

Townhall 9 attacking strategy LAVALOON(Personal favorite)

This Townhall 9 attacking strategy is a guaranteed 3-star tactic if done properly.

Army Composition:

3 Lava Hounds – 90 space

2 Baby Dragons – 20 space

22 Balloons – 110 space

3 Rage Spells

3 Haste spells

Barbarian King (I am assuming that you have a level 10 king for the least)

Archer Queen

Troops to be taken in Clan Castle (considering you have 30 space)

1 Lava Hound

1 Haste spell

Now if you have level 1 lava hound, it would be better than you aim to destroy TH9 with low-level air defenses i.e. level 6 or below but not 7.

If you have level 2 lava hound, and all other troops and spells at their max level as of TH9, except Barbarian King, Archer Queen and baby dragon(level 1 will also work) , then you can aim to destroy harder TH9 with maxed defenses.

How does it work?

Consider this base for example, pretty much Maxed out.

Now to break this base we will use LAVALOON.

Whenever we use this tactic make sure to examine the location of opponent’s clan castle and his AQ in the base.

In this base :

Green circles represent the air defenses
Redone represents the CC
The yellow one is of the AQ
We start our attack by taking out the CC troops with a balloon or two (2 is advisable but sometimes 1 is enough) by dropping them near a defense which is in the range of the CC. As soon as the troops come out lure them in a corner with AQ and use her ability to kill them(If required then drop a baby dragon too).

CC troops killed now let’s finish up the base.

We start our attack from the side where the AQ is located, here from left. The AQ, else, troubles a lot later on.

We drop two lava hounds per air defense, so yeah we use all of our lava hounds.

The air defenses and AQ start targeting the lava hounds and this gives us a perfect chance to funnel our balloons in the right place.

We don’t use all of our balloons at once (except sometimes when the base is very easy) by dropping them on the same side. We use them wisely by dropping 2 balloons per defense and saving a few like 2 for later in case of emergency (Drop your loon on the side where the air defense is distracted to the lava hound). So when we drop our loons we use haste spells so that they quickly funnel into the base and destroy those air defenses so that we can easily win. Here, at first we will use 2 haste spells and when the loons are near to an air defense, deploy your rage spells (one by one on each air defense) and use a haste when you don’t have rage for the last air defense.


Pink circles refer to haste spells

Purple ones refer to rage spells

Black arrows refer to Balloons

This Townhall 9 attacking strategy  will destroy all the defenses of the base. Don’t wait for all the defenses to be destroyed and then you deploy your Barbarian King and Baby Dragons. Deploy them when one side of the defenses are done, so that they destroy the rest of the buildings in time.

Practice this tactic in Challenges and improve.

Using your troops wisely is the key.

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