New Best Strong Th11 Base 2018 with REPLAY | th11 Hybrid (Farming/Trophy) Base Anti Everything – Clash of Clans

New Best Strong Th11 Base 2018 with REPLAY
New Best Strong Th11 Base 2018 with REPLAY

In this Best Strong Th11 Base layout Town Hall, Eagle Artillery and Clan Castle are placed in the central compartment of the base. And this Compartment is protected with Inferno Towers, Air Defenses, X-bows, Bomb Towers and Archer Queen. Since the Clan Castle is in the middle of the base, it will be hard for an opponent to draw out the CC troops at the beginning of the attack.

Due to all the Air Defenses are placed in the inner compartment of the base; Air attacking strategy cannot claim 3 stars from this base. And for the protection of the Air Defenses against balloons, Wizard is well placed in this base.

An opponent is usually failed to get 2 or 3 stars. While they are attacking from the south side of the base because of all the giant bombs, as well as Geared Defensive buildings, are placed in that side of the base which you can see in the replay.

Opponents can not get all of the resources while we are getting raids by them because all the resource storage buildings are placed in the separate compartment with wizard Tower and other defensive buildings. And there are well-placed X-bows, Air defenses, Barbarian King and Grand Warden to protect Dark Elixir Storage.

You can Watch Video Here



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