TH11 Trophy-Farming Base 2018

TH11 Trophy-Farming Base 2018 | CoC Best Th11 Base Layout Titan/Legend League With Gear Ups

TH11 Trophy/Farming Base 2018
TH11 Trophy/Farming Base 2018

In this TH11 Trophy-Farming Base layout, all the Defensive buildings are well placed that covers the whole base that can protect from Air as well as Ground troops.

All the main defensive buildings (Air Defense, X-bows, Bomb Tower, Inferno Tower) are placed in the inner compartment of the base to protect Town Hall from troops having high hit points.

If they got access to the 2nd inner compartment of the base and there is other defensive buildings for the protection of the main Defensive buildings.

Also in this base layout, Clan Castle is placed in the middle of the base so, it is impossible to lower the CC troops out of the base which will help a lot in defense.

And To protect resources all the storage buildings are placed in the separate compartment. And Dark Elixir Storage is Guarded bt Archer Queen, Geared Archer Tower, X-bow and Giant Bombs.

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