Town Hall 11 DE Farm Base with Copy Link

Town Hall 11 DE Farm Base with Copy Link

This Town Hall 11 DE Farm Base layout is specially build to protect Dark Elixir. So, the Dark Elixir is place in the center of the base and all the DE collectors are also kept inside the wall.

And about the the defenses, all the main defensive structures (Inferno Towers, X-bows, Air Defenses) are kept in the main compartment of the base. It will help a lot in defending Dark Elixir Storage as well as Town Hall.

Since the Clan Castle is in the center of the base, CC Troops also help in defense. and both Bomb Towers are placed in the north side of the base so it will heavily damage on opponent troops if they attack from north. And if they attack from south side, Wizards Towers will do a heavy damage on them.

If you want to see speeds build of the base, you can watch the video I’ve uploaded on my YouTube channel. You can watch it here, just click on the button below:-

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Thanks, guys for visiting this site. If you want to copy this base layout to your game just click on the “Copy Base” button.

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