TH8 Base Layout Design with Base Copy link

TH8 Base Layout Design with Base Copy link

TH8 Base Layout Design is pretty much consisting of compartments that are surrounding the Town Hall core with the Dark Elixir storage and an outside perimeter with trash buildings that should make funneling more difficult and distract the pathing of ground troops.

The Air Sweeper and Air Defenses are pretty centralized so they defend against each direction plus will pick on any air attacks together – let’s say some Dragons make it to the core, the air defenses from the other side are still active to take them down.

This brings me directly to one of the more frequently used attacking compositions at Town Hall 8 that hit that base – Balloons.

With the Air Bombs at the sides and the Wizard Towers the Balloons won’t make it that far because the splash damage is simply too much to handle for them and they won’t get more than like 20-28% and then there are only cleaning troops and the Barbarian King left, not enough to really get much and not enough to get the core for sure

The whole setup in this base is made to not give the Balloons a straight funnel for the core, so they will just make their round around it (or better said “quarter round”) until they are all down.

Dragons will suffer a similar fate. They are simply too slow to deal crucial destruction before they will go down from the incoming damage.

Well, there are plenty of combinations, some of them really weird and make we wonder what the attacker really thought when putting it together. Most of them involve either Golems and Wizards paired with PEKKA, Valkyries or even Hog Rider.

In most cases, the attackers just fail to build the funnel right so the troops will go around the base cleaning trash.

So bottom line you will defend in many cases successfully against attackers that are Town Hall 8

If you want to see speeds build of base, you can watch the video I’ve uploaded on my YouTube channel. You can watch it here, just click on the button below:-

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