New Town Hall 9 Trophy/Farming Base 2018! Th9 Hybrid Farm Base with CC in Center!! – Clash of Clans(Coc)

New Town Hall 9 Trophy/Farming Base 2018!
New Town Hall 9 Trophy/Farming Base 2018!

In this Town Hall 9 Trophy/Farming Base layout Town Hall, Dark Elixir Storage, Archer Queen, and Clan Castle are placed in the main compartment

Where Town Hall and Dark Elixir Storage are heavily protected by Archer Queen, Hidden Tesla, Air Defense and X-bows.

All the other Defensive buildings are well placed that cover whole base to prevent Air Attacking Strategy and Ground Attacking Strategy. Also, Clan Castle is placed in the middle of the base, which means it is impossible to draw the CC troops out of the base.

And to protect other resources (Gold and Elixir), resources storage buildings are placed in the different compartments which will reduce the chance of losing 100% loot that appears in the time of raids.

This base is designed in a such a way that the opponent can’t access the main compartment by attacking south-east, south and south-west side of the base.

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