TH10 Hybrid Base Layout with Layout Copy Link

TH10 Hybrid Base Layout with Layout Copy Link

In TH10 Hybrid Base Layout Town hall and clan castle placed in the center compartment of the base with hidden Tesla, Dark elixir storage and two air sweeper. In four directions of the center compartment placed four air defense.

In the top right compartment placed cannon, X-bow, mortar, and archer tower with a giant bomb. IN the top left compartment placed archer, geared mortar, cannon and elixir storage. In the inner top right compartment placed barbarian king, gold storage dark elixir drill and air defense. In the inner top left compartment archer tower, bomb tower, double cannon, air defense, and traps. 

In outer right side compartment wizard tower, cannon, archer tower, giant bomb, builder hut, and gold storage are placed. In the inner right side compartment hidden tesla, builder hut, geared archer tower, elixir storage, and inferno tower are placed.

In outer left side compartment wizard tower, traps, gold mine, tower storage, giant bomb builder hot, and Gold storage. In the inner left side compartment X-bow, builder hut, hidden tesla, inferno tower, elixir storage, and traps. 

In outer bottom right compartment cannon, mortar, archer tower, and elixir storage place.  In the inner bottom right compartment bomb tower, air defense, dark elixir drill, and wizard tower.

In the outer bottom left compartment archer tower, mortar, cannon, giant bomb, and X-bow are placed. In the inner bottom left compartment archer queen, air defense, dark elixir drill, and gold storage are placed.

If you want to see speeds build and how well this base will defend, you can watch the video I’ve uploaded on my YouTube channel. You can watch it here, just click on the button below:-

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