TH12 Trophy Base Layout with Base Copy Link

TH12 Trophy Base Layout with Base Copy Link

Unlike many other Town Hall 12 Bases, you know this one here uses a centralized Town Hall instead of a semi-exposed one. This is especially useful in CWL due to the fact that there’s only one attack per participant and 3-Stars are extremely rare and most of the times, a 2-Star against a TH12 is pretty tough to overcome for the own clan.


As I said, the Town Hall is centralized in an area that is hard to funnel to surrounded by dead-zone sections that contain the Inferno Towers in mixed modes (and one X-Bow).

This setup give the Eagle Artillery the maximum protection because there’s no way to destroy it while avoiding the Inferno Tower at the side and the Queen is not that much useful than simply pull the Clan Castle troops which is a little expensive when you take the troop cost of a Hero plus Healers and at least one Rage Spell 

In terms of Electro Dragons, the only attack people without much knowledge of attacking at TH12 can get dangerous you also have quite a comfortable situation.

(Disclaimer – I don’t mean everyone using Electro Dragons is a bad attacker, I only mean that Electro Dragons are so strong that also people with little experience can get dangerous!)

So most of them spam them at one side and let them do their thing while using occasional spells – they will only get a 1-Star against this base and there’s no way they will get the Town Hall, especially if you upgraded your Giga Tesla to Level 5:

If you want to see speeds build of the base, you can watch the video I’ve uploaded on my YouTube channel. You can watch it here, just click on the button below:-

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