Th5 Hybrid Base layout with Layout’s link

Th5 Hybrid Base layout with Layout’s link

Today we are going to explain how important Th5 Hybrid Base layout. This Layout is designed in such a way that the wizard tower is kept in the center. wizard tower plays a vital role in TH5 because of more damaging power than the other defense tower. we thought that it is more important than defense building in the TH5 base. 

Attacking troops should destroy the resources building fist to pass the wall again then the could not attack the wizard tower. There are two archer towers are kept the same site to defect air troops and the air defense is kept in the opposite site. 

If you want to see speeds build of base and how well this base defend, you can watch the video I’ve uploaded on my YouTube channel. You can watch it here, just click on the button below:-

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Thanks guys for visiting this site. If you want to copy this base layout to your game just click on the “Copy Base” button.

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