TH6 Home Base layout with base copy link

TH6 Home Base layout with base copy link

TH6 Home Base layout may not be useful for those who have already reached more than TH6. We think the layout design for the TH6 also require for our subscribers and the visitors. Thus We are going to present the TH6 Home base layout.

The attacking troops could not reach the Town hall easy because they should have to cross 2 wall layers to reach the town hall. In this layout storage of resources are also protected inside the wall and with guiding of defense tower. From this attacking troops could not get resources easily.

Bombs are also placed in such a way that attacking troops will be smashed if they came for resources. One mortar is kept in the center too long term attack the attacking troops. Wizard tower and archer tower are placed together for the better result for the defense.

At first, the attacking clan should destroy the wall on the top corner or in the bottom corner to destroy the defending tower. if they do the way as we said their troops have to pass through traps and they will lose maximum their troops from here. 

Even though they pass the traps there is canon which protects our base and they could not reach town hall easily. 

If you want to see speeds build of base and how well this base defend, you can watch the video I’ve uploaded on my YouTube channel. You can watch it here, just click on the button below:-

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Thanks guys for visiting this site. If you want to copy this base layout to your game just click on the “Copy Base” button.

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