New Town Hall 7 TH7 Base 2018 August | Town Hall 7 Hybrid Base Design – Clash of Clans

New Town Hall 7 TH7 Base 2018 August
New Town Hall 7 TH7 Base 2018 August

In this TH7 Base 2018 August layout Town Hall, Dark Elixir and Barbarian King are placed in the main compartment of the base. And this compartment is mainly guarded with the Air Defenses, Mortar and Wizard Towers which will do splash heavy damage on opponent’s troops. Also, Air sweeper and other traps are well placed in this base to provide extra backup to defense the base.
Archer Towers and cannons are placed in the edge of the base so that it can cover the whole base against air as well as ground troops.
For maximum protection of the resources, we have placed resources buildings in separate compartments with some main defensive buildings.


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