New TH8 Base with Replays 2018!!

New TH8 base with Replays 2018!! COC Town Hall 8 (TH8) Trophy Base Design/Layout- Clash of Clans

New TH8 base with Replays 2018!!
New TH8 base with Replays 2018!!

Hey guys we are here with the new TH8 Base with Replays layout. This base layout is really good for holding back the air as well as ground attacking strategy in Clash of Clans. Because in this layout Town Hall is placed in the middle of the base where it is heavily guarded with those defensive buildings that do some heavy damage and splash damage to the opponent’s troops.
So we have placed all three Wizard Towers, three Air Defenses, three Hidden Tesla and Bomb Tower around the Town Hall along with Geared Archer Tower. That’s why it will be very hard to get the Town Hall in this layout. Also, we have created the unique wall layout that will diversify the opponent’s ground troops which will help a lot in winning the defense.
And All the main defensive buildings are back up with the remaining defensive buildings like Archer Towers, cannons, Air Sweeper and mortars. Also, all the available traps are well placed in this layout. we have placed traps in every single compartment of the base.

You can watch Video Here

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