New Town Hall 8 Hybrid Base With Base Copy Link

New Town Hall 8 Hybrid Base With Base Copy Link

Today, we’re making a New Town Hall 8 Hybrid Base.
It has features of both trophy and farming base, it helps in protect loots while maintaining trophies.

Town hall has placed the center compartment. Town hall worth one star and some loots so that it is the most important building on the layout. Around that center compartment, four different compartments are paced. On these four compartments three air defense are placed on three different compartment which help to cover almost all the base layout. 

Four mortars are placed on the four different compartments so that covers all the layout. dark elixir storage and clan castle are placed side by side of town hall so that it could be maximum protected. on the left side of the dark elixir storage bomb tower is placed to protect both the dark elixir and the town hall. on the downside of the town hall, the barbarian king is placed to protect the town hall from the downside. On the upper side of the town hall geared archer tower, double cannon, and hidden Tesla are placed. these three defense buildings can defeat the opponent if they come from upside. 

On the outer layout of the defense cannon, wizard tower, archer tower, hidden Tesla, giant bombs, and traps are placed. these outer layout defense buildings are scattered for better protection of base. 

Also, we need to think about storage building placement while making all kinds of base designs, because it has a high hit point than other buildings and it stores loots. so, if we placed all the storage at the same compartment in the center of the base; there is a high chance of losing all the loots during the attack.
so it must be placed far from each other in a different compartment as possible. and this base has this feature. so that opponents cannot get all the loots unless they get 100% destruction from this base.

Elixir storage are placed on three different corners and gold storage also placed on another three different corners. Thus opponents could not get all the loot.

And, all the other ordinary defensive structures are placed in the edge of the base. so it can cover the whole base.
And all traps are placed in the area where it can work effectively.

when I using this base, opponent were mostly getting 0 or 1 stars with 40% to 60% destruction in crystal league 3, when there are no clan castle troops for defense. So, if there are clan castle troops, this base would be more effective.

Once again let’s see the placement of the defensive structure and its effective coverage.
And also, If you need more base layout at different town hall levels, make sure to mention in the comment section 

You can watch some defense replay on the video underneath. so that you can see how this base works. 

If you want to see speeds build of the Town Hall 8 Hybrid Base, you can watch the video I’ve uploaded on my YouTube channel. You can watch it here, just click on the button below:-

Watch Now

Thanks, guys for visiting this site. If you want to copy this base layout to your game just click on the “Copy Base” button.

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