New Town Hall 9 Base Layout 2018 | Anti LAVALOON th9 base | Anti 3 & 2 Stars – Clash of Clans

New Town Hall 9 Base Layout 2018
New Town Hall 9 Base Layout 2018

This base layout for the Town Hall 9 base (th9) is really good against Air attack.

All the Air Defense are placed in the area where queen walk can not destroy them.

To protect Air defense from balloons, it is guarded by Air Sweeper as well as wizard Tower.

Town Hall as well as Dark Elixir Storage is heavilly guarded with X-bows, Archer Queen, Hidden Tesla and Air Defense.

To protect the other storage buildings, all the defensive buildings having splash damage (Wizard Tower, Bomb Tower, Mortar) and heavy damage (Geared Cannon, Geared Archer Tower) are well placed.

[NOTE: with the max level of defensive buildings which is available in Town Hall 9 and max level of CC troops make this base Anti 2 Star.]


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