NEW Town Hall 12 Base 2018

NEW Town Hall 12 Base 2018 | TH12 Base Anti Everything | Anti 2 Star – Clash of Clans 2018

NEW Town Hall 12 Base 2018
NEW Town Hall 12 Base 2018

In this Town Hall 12 Base layout, Dark Elixir Storage and Clan Castle are placed in the middle of the base, where Dark Elixir protected with both Inferno Towers, Giga-Tesla, Eagle Artillery and 2 Hidden Tesla.
Since the Town Hall itself a defensive building and Siege Machine directly target Town Hall, we have placed three Hidden Tesla just in front of Town Hall so that it can help to prevent opponent CC troops quicker with Giga-Tesla. Also, Town Hall is protected with other defensive buildings (Inferno Towers, Geared Cannon, Archer Queen, Wizard Towers, Air Defenses, and all the traps. And since the Clan Castle is in the middle of the base. it is impossible to draw CC troops out of the base at the beginning of the attack.

So, CC troops also help a lot in Defending the base. And Grand Warden will boost up the hit point of the CC troops since the Grand Warden is placed near the Clan Castle.
All the Air Defenses are placed in the inner part of the base so that Queen Walk Strategy cannot destroy it easily. and it also helps a lot in preventing LALLOON attacking strategy. And there is well placed Wizard Towers, Archer Towers, X-bows and Air Traps to provide extra backup for Air Defenses.

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