New ‘BEST’ Town Hall 8 TROPHY Base 2018 With REPLAY Proof | COC Th8 Base Design [DEFENSE] – Clash of Clans

This is the town hall 8 trophy base, In this base, all the defensive buildings are well placed, which cover the whole base against air as well as ground troops.

th8 coc base of clans

We have placed the Air Defense in a such a way that covers the whole base against high hit point Air troop such as Dragon, Lava Hound, etc. And all the air traps and Air sweeper are well placed for the protection of Air Defense. so we called this is the best town hall 8 trophy base.

And the Clan Castle is also in the center of the base. So, it will be hard to draw out CC troops from the Clan Castle.

And also Each Storage buildings are placed into a separate compartment which will increase the probability of loot saving during the raid. The Dark Elixir storage is guarded by the Barberian king, Mortar, Bomb Tower and Air Defense.

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