BEST TH10 War Base 2018 With Multi Mortar

BEST TH10 War Base 2018 With Multi Mortar | Town Hall 10 Base Anti 2 & 3 Star, Anti Bowler, Miner, Valkyrie

This BEST TH10 War Base 2018 layout is really good at defending against various attacks like Valkyries, bowlers, queen walk, and miners.

This Base has many advantages. Such as it is hard to lower the Clan Castle troops from the base. This is a double donut base design.

The main thing about this base design is to make the troops go around across the layout.

Thus it is hard to get into the main compartment of the base and if you clearly observe the main compartment is composed of the main defensive structures.

The main core of the base or Town Hall is guarded by inferno Towers, queen, and Hidden Tesla.

And for the backup for those defense buildings, we have placed the air trap as well as giant bombs just right in-front of Inferno Towers.

And also springs traps are well placed in this base.

And finally, Archer Towers, as well as Cannons, are well placed so that it can cover the whole base against air attack as well as ground attack.

So if you have the max level of Town Hall 10, TH10 opponent hardly get 2 stars, otherwise, they only claim single star.

But remember you need max defensive troops in your Clan Castle. So request your clan mate for a max wizard, max balloons, and max valk.

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