NEW Town Hall (TH10) War Base 2018 Anti Queen Walk | Anti 3 Star, Anti Everything – Clash of Clans

NEW Town Hall (TH10) War Base 2018 Anti Queen Walk
NEW Town Hall (TH10) War Base 2018 Anti Queen Walk

This Town Hall 10 (TH9) base layout is anti everything which means both air attack strategy and ground attack strategy can not get 3 star from this base.

To prevent Air Attacking Strategy, Air Defenses are well placed that cover whole base against high hit point air troops (Lava Hound, Dragon, Baby Dragon).

All the Air Defense are place in the inner part of base where queen can not destroy Air Defense easily and to protect Air defense from Balloons wizard Tower, Inferno Tower, Air Sweeper and Air traps are just placed near to Air Defenses.

To prevent Ground attack strategy this base design in such a way that, if attacker star to attack from south, west or south west side of the building they can’t get access the main compartment of the baseso easily.

If they star to attack from other derection than south and west it will be very hard for them, because all the geared defensive buildings (cannon, Archer Tower, mortar), Archer queen, inferno towers, and other defensive buildings are placed in there.


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