NEW TH11 War Base 2018 | Town Hall 11 base 2018 | Anti Electro Dragon, Anti QueenWalk – Clash of Clans


NEW TH11 War Base 2018
NEW TH11 War Base 2018

In this TH11 War Base 2018 layout 4 main compartments are created that are separate from each other, because of this, it will create difficulties in wall wrecking strategy.
In this base layout, all the Defensive buildings have well placed that cover the whole base against Air as well as Ground attacking Strategy. And each Defensive buildings act as Supportive backup for other defensive buildings. And all the other nondefensive buildings are placed outside the base so that opponent will take a lot of time to enter the base.
And finally, Town Hall is heavily guarded with Air Defenses, Inferno Towers, X-bows, Archer Queen and other Defensive Buildings and traps.

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