NEW Town Hall 11 (th11) War Base 2018 (Layout) | Anti 2 &3 Stars, Anti Queen Walk th11 War Base

NEW Town Hall 11 (th11) War Base 2018 (Layout)
NEW Town Hall 11 (th11) War Base 2018 (Layout)

This Town Hall 11 (th11) War Base layout is in the form of circle by which opponent hardly get into the core of the base. otherwise they cannot get 2 star from this base.

And all the Air defense are placed in a such a way that cover the whole base against high hit points air troops.

And the back up for Air Defense there is well placed wizard Tower and other defensive buildings with air traps.

In this base, it is impossible to lower the CC troops out of the base, which will help a lot in winning Clans wars.

And the main building that is Town Hall itself is guarded with the main defensive buildings (Inferno Towers & Eagle Artillery) And Archer Queen.


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