TH7 base Anti dragon, Anti Hog, Anti 3 star War Base – Clash of Clans

We are here with the BEST Town Hall 7 War Base 2018. This Base Built with the new updates of COC 2018.

No one can get more than 2 stars from this base. So we called this base as BEST Town hall 7 War Base 2018.

BEST Town Hall 7 War Base 2018.
NEW TH7 War Base

Thus this base is in the circle form due to this attacking troops just go around the main core of the base and CC troops are not easy to lower from Clan Castle.

And also this Base is anti giants as well as anti-dragon because air defense is in the core part of the base. traps are well placed in this base.

But remember you need max defensive troops in your Clan Castle. So request your clan mate for a max wizard, max balloons, and max valk.

Keep visiting our page we will be updating new bases of the clash of clan. Than you for visit.


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