NEW! Town Hall 8 War Base 2018

NEW! Town Hall 8  War Base 2018 !! TH8 War Base with Gear Ups – Clash of Clans

NEW! Town Hall 8 (TH8) War Base 2018
NEW! Town Hall 8 (TH8) War Base 2018

This Town Hall 8 War Base layout is really good to prevent Dragon, Balloon and GOVAWI attacking strategy.

To prevent Dragon and Balloons attacking strategy, South side of the base is heavily guarded with 3 Air Defense which are placed inner compartment of the base, which can not be easily destroyed. And north side of the base is guarded with Air Traps, hidden tesla and geared Archer Tower.

And to prevent the GOVAWI attacking Strategy, there are many compartments are build, in which ground troops take a lot of time to access the main compartment of the base or complete destruction of the base.

To protect the base against Valkyrie, all the giants bombs are placed in the south side of the base where defensive buildings that do heavy damage against Valkyrie (Bomb Tower, Wizard Tower, Geared Archer Tower, Geared Cannon and all the spring traps) are placed in the north side of the base.

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You can watch video of making this base

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