New 2018 Th9 War Base Anti 3 & 2 Stars

New 2018 Th9 War Base Anti 3 & 2 Stars |th9 War Base 2018 Anti Air & Ground Attack | Clash Of Clans

In this war base, every defensive building is placed perfectly. This Base works well against air attack as well as ground attack. Air Defenses are placed in the inner part of the base.

So, it will be hard to take down Air Defenses. For the backup for Air Defenses, there is Air Sweeper, as well as air traps, are placed just in front of Air Defenses.

And for the prevention of Ground attack the Wizard Tower, Bomb Tower, Double cannon and Geared Archer Tower are placed in the right place. And also in this base Clan Castle is located in the center.

Which means it is hard to lower the CC troops out of the base. It will help to prevent from getting 2 or 3 stars.

Even though the Town Hall is not in the center of the base; it is heavily guarded with the Barbarian King, Archer Queen, X-bows, 2 Air Defense, And Hidden Tesla.

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