NEW TH9.5 War Base 2018 Anti Queen Walk | Anti 3 & 2 Star TH10 war base without inferno Tower | Clash of Clans

NEW TH9.5 War Base 2018 Anti Queen Walk
NEW TH9.5 War Base 2018 Anti Queen Walk

This Base layout for those player who have reach the Town Hall 10 but does not build Inferno Towers. In this War Base layout all the defensive buildings are well place to prevent ground as well as Air attack Strategy.

And Clan Castle is also placed in the middle if the base so, it will be impossible to lower the CC troops out of the base. All the Air defenses are placed in the area where queen can not reach easily.

And all the spring traps are placed in the compartment where Town Hall is located.

It will help to reduce the population of opponent Troops and hard to take down the Town Hall. And also Town Hall is heavily guarded with Air Defense, Geared Archer Tower, Geared Cannon, Archer Queen, Barberian King, Hidden Tesla and other traps.

Finally, all the air mines are placed outside of the base to prevent Queen Walk Strategy.


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