Builder Hall 5 Base: A Strong Defense Strategy

Builder Hall 5

Centralized Builder Hall 5 Base

The core of your base should always be your Builder Hall. Place it right in the center of your layout to make it harder for opponents to reach and destroy it. Protecting your Builder Hall is crucial, as it’s the key to your success in Versus Battles.

Walls and Compartmentalization

Create compartments within your base using walls. These compartments should contain key defensive structures, such as Crushers, Firecrackers, and Roaster. Compartmentalization helps in funneling enemy troops and prevents them from reaching your Builder Hall easily.

Defensive Structures Placement


Crushers are powerful defenses at Builder Hall 5. Place them near the core of your base to ensure they target high-hitpoint units like Giants and Battle Machine. Protect them with walls and other defenses.


Firecrackers have good range and can target both air and ground units. Position them strategically around your base to provide overlapping coverage and protect against different troop types.

Archer Towers and Canons

Spread Archer Towers and Canons throughout your base to cover different areas effectively. Ensure that they are not too close to each other to avoid vulnerability to splash damage attacks.

Air Bombs and Mines

Strategically place Air Bombs and Mines to deter air attacks. These are especially effective against Beta Minions and Baby Dragons. Consider placing them near your Firecrackers and Crusher.

Traps and Spring Traps

Use Spring Traps to create surprise elements for ground units. Position them where attackers are likely to deploy their troops. This can disrupt their strategy and buy your defense time.

Collectors and Storage Placement

Spread your Elixir Collectors and Gold Mines around the base to prevent them from being an easy target for attackers. Don’t bunch them up, as this can make it easier for opponents to accumulate high percentages.

Keep Updating

Remember to regularly upgrade your defenses and walls to stay competitive. Prioritize key defensive structures and traps for upgrades to improve your base’s overall defense.


Building a strong Builder Hall 5 base requires careful planning and strategic placement of defensive structures, walls, and traps. By following these guidelines and adapting your base as needed, you’ll increase your chances of defending successfully and earning victories in Versus Battles.

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