BH10 Base: Fortifying Your Defenses

Centralized Town Hall

Place your Town Hall near the center of the base. Centralizing it makes it tougher for attackers to reach and destroy, earning you a shield and protecting your trophies.

Compartmentalization Strategy

Utilize walls to create compartments within your base. These compartments should house your key defensive structures and resources, making it harder for attackers to access them.

Defensive Structures Placement

Inferno Towers

Position Inferno Towers strategically to cover different sections of your base. Set them to multi-mode to target both single targets and groups of troops. Protect them with high hitpoint structures like storages and Heroes.

X-Bows and Eagle Artillery

Place X-Bows in a way that they cover a significant area of your base. The Eagle Artillery should be centralized, delivering devastating blows to attacking troops when activated.

Archer Queen, Barbarian King, and Grand Warden

Centralize your heroes to maximize their defensive capabilities. Keep them protected but positioned where they can target enemy troops effectively.

Air Defenses and Sweepers

Spread out Air Defenses and Air Sweepers to cover the entire base. This ensures a robust defense against air attacks, thwarting the advances of Dragons, Lava Hounds, and other airborne threats.

Traps and Bombs

Strategically place traps like Giant Bombs, Seeking Air Mines and Tornado Traps to surprise and disrupt attacking troops. Spring Traps can be positioned near high-value targets to eliminate groups of ground units.

Resource Protection

Spread out your resource storage to minimize the impact of raids. Avoid clustering them together to prevent easy loot for attackers.

Walls and Junctions

Upgrade your walls to higher levels to impede the progress of invading forces. Create funneling points and junctions to guide enemy troops into defensive fire zones.

Continuous Upgrades

Regularly upgrade your defenses and walls. Prioritize upgrading key defensive structures to bolster your base’s overall defense.


Creating a formidable New TH11 base involves careful planning, strategic placement of defenses, and continuous upgrades. By implementing these strategies, you’ll enhance your base’s defensive capabilities, ensuring it’s well-equipped to repel attacks and safeguard your resources.

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