New Builder Hall 6 Base layout with Base Copy Link

General Layout Of The Base

Note: Only BH6 stuff are used to build this base.

This is a base that has Two funnels that lead right into the Crushers that will cover the Builder Hall in the core, sweetened with a lot of traps that will give attackers a hard time getting to the Builder Hall.

Especially Night Witches are a pain at BH6 because attackers can spam them in the corner and can do a decent attack without much skill. They just deploy the troops and see what happens…

So a good base at Builder Hall 6 needs to fight them properly and only a few attackers will switch to another attacking strategy, they would still go for their Night Witch attack and hope for the best when they see (if they can see it) that a base is hard to attack with them; this is a great opportunity for you with this layout because Night Witches won’t take out much here.

The Air Mines will cover a huge area getting down the first big swarm that the Night Witches create right after being deployed – they normally overrun your defenses early. But this base will cover them with the Air Mines early and your defenses have a better chance against the swarms summoned afterward.

Another common attacking strategy is Giants with Bombers and Cannon Carts. With the funnels and the traps, there are actually only two entrance points that lead attacker directly to the Crushers along with other traps.

If you want to see speeds build of base, you can watch the video I’ve uploaded on my YouTube channel. You can watch it here, just click on the button below:-

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