Town Hall 10 Hybrid Base with Copy Link

General Layout Of The Base


It’s not a ring base but the compartments around the center do work like a ring. The Air Defenses, X-Bows, and Inferno Towers are in locations where they can protect the main compartment where Town Hall and Dark elixir storage are kept. And these main defensive buildings cannot be snipe out easily. And these Defensive structures are back up with Air sweepers; this will help to defend the core especially from air troops like Balloons or Dragons.

Since, this base design is also build for farming purpose; all the gold and elixir storage are kept in the separate compartment of the base. So, opponent cannot get all the loots during the raid unless they get 3 stars from this base. And they are also guarded with Wizard Towers, X-bows and other ordinary defensive structures.

Since the Clan Castle is in the main compartment of the base; Clan Castle Troops will also help in defending base. So, fill your Clan Castle with troops before you take a rest from game.

Best Clan Castle Troops combinations for this base layout:

With the Clan Castle troops; it will be even harder to destroy this base layout. Here are some of my recommendations for CC troop’s combinations

  1. 1 Ice Golem, 1 Baby dragon, 2 wizards and 2 archers [Recommend]
  2. 1 Electro dragon and 1 balloon
  3. 2 witches and 2 wizards and 3 archers

If you want to see speeds build of base and how well this base defend, you can watch the video I’ve uploaded on my YouTube channel. You can watch it here, just click on the button below:-

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