Th6 Home Base with Base Copy Link

Th6 Home Base with Base Copy Link

Hey guys we are here to share a TH6 Home Base layout with you. In this layout Town Hall placed in the core compartment of the base. And this core compartment is heavily protected with the main Defensive buildings (Air Defenses, Wizard Towers, Mortars).

Another important feature of this layout is all the storage buildings are guarded with main defensive buildings as well as Archer Towers and Cannons. And we have placed Air Sweeper behind of  2 Air Defenses to provide backup.

If you want to see speeds build and how well this base will defend, you can watch the video I’ve uploaded on my YouTube channel. You can watch it here, just click on the button below:-

Watch Now

Thanks, guys for visiting this site. If you want to copy this base layout to your game just click on the “Copy Base” button.

Copy Base

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