Best COC TH8 Home Base Layout

COC TH8 Home Base

Best COC TH8 Home Base Layout


Reaching Town Hall 8 (TH8) in Clash of Clans is a significant milestone that brings new challenges and opportunities. At this level, players must balance resource protection, trophy hunting, and war strategies. This guide will help you create the best TH8 home base layout, optimizing your defense and maximizing your success.

Understanding TH8 Base Design Principles

Defensive Buildings and Their Roles

At TH8, you gain access to new defenses like the third Air Defense, third Wizard Tower, and the powerful Dark Elixir Drill. Each building has a specific purpose: Cannons and Archer Towers for ground and air defense, Wizard Towers for splash damage, and Air Defenses to fend off aerial assaults.

Offensive Strategies to Counter

Knowing the common attack strategies at TH8, such as Dragon attacks or GoWiPe (Golems, Wizards, and P.E.K.K.As), is crucial. This understanding will help you position your defenses to counter these threats effectively.

Types of TH8 Base Layouts

Farming Base

A farming base prioritizes the protection of resources like Gold, Elixir, and Dark Elixir. Storages are placed centrally, with defenses arranged to protect them.

War Base

War bases are designed to prevent attackers from achieving three stars in clan wars. They feature complex layouts that disrupt enemy strategies.

Trophy Base

Trophy bases focus on protecting the Town Hall to prevent trophy losses. The Town Hall is often placed in the center, surrounded by heavy defenses.

Hybrid Base

Hybrid bases aim to balance resource protection and trophy defense, making them versatile for everyday use.

Best TH8 Farming Base Layouts

Key Features

  • Centralized resource storages.
  • Defenses positioned to protect storages.
  • Traps placed around resource-heavy areas.

Example Layout 1

This layout centralizes all storages with key defenses surrounding them. The Air Defenses and Wizard Towers are positioned to cover the storages from both ground and air attacks.

Example Layout 2

Here, the base uses compartments to make it harder for attackers to reach the core, with traps strategically placed to surprise and weaken troops.

Best TH8 War Base Layouts

Key Features

  • Anti-three star design.
  • Traps and bombs in unexpected places.
  • Well-placed Air Defenses and Wizard Towers.

Example Layout 1

This war base uses a symmetrical design to confuse attackers and maximize defensive coverage. Air Defenses are placed to cover key entry points.

Example Layout 2

In this layout, the Town Hall is surrounded by high-hitpoint buildings, and traps are placed to create a funnel that misleads attackers away from the core.

Best TH8 Trophy Base Layouts

Key Features

  • Town Hall is well-protected.
  • Heavy defenses at entry points.
  • Centralized Air Defenses and Wizard Towers.

Example Layout 1

A trophy base with the Town Hall deep inside, surrounded by high-level defenses and traps to protect against high-damage troops.

Example Layout 2

This base uses a multi-layer wall design to slow down attackers, with the Town Hall and key defenses at the center.

Best TH8 Hybrid Base Layouts

Key Features

  • Balanced resource and trophy protection.
  • Effective use of compartments.
  • Strong defensive core.

Example Layout 1

A hybrid layout that uses a segmented approach to protect both resources and the Town Hall, with Air Defenses providing broad coverage.

Example Layout 2

In this layout, resource storages are spread out to avoid massive losses, and the Town Hall is guarded by a mix of defenses and traps.

Tips for Creating a Strong TH8 Base

Strategic Placement of Defenses

Ensure that your defenses cover each other. For example, place Archer Towers and Cannons so that they can protect each other from different types of attacks.

Effective Use of Walls

Walls should create compartments that slow down and split up attacking forces. Use them to protect critical defenses and storages.

Trap Placement Tips

Place traps where you expect enemies to deploy their troops. This can disrupt their strategies and cause significant damage.

Common Mistakes in TH8 Base Design

Overlapping Defense Coverage

Avoid clustering defenses of the same type, as this can make it easier for attackers to disable multiple defenses at once.

Ignoring Air Defenses

Make sure your base has sufficient air defenses to counter popular air attacks like mass Dragons or Balloons.

Poor Resource Storage Placement

Spread out your resource storages to avoid losing too much of any one resource in a single attack.

Advanced TH8 Base Building Strategies


Divide your base into many small compartments to slow down enemy troops and make it harder for them to reach the core.

Creating Funnel Paths

Design your base to guide attackers into traps and kill zones where your defenses can do maximum damage.

Utilizing Hero Abilities

Place your Barbarian King strategically so that his ability can be used to defend against key points of attack.

Optimizing Your Base for Clan Wars

Coordination with Clanmates

Work with your clanmates to ensure your base design complements the overall war strategy.

Anti-Three Star Designs

Focus on creating layouts that are difficult to three-star, using traps and defense placement to disrupt common attack strategies.

War Base Testing

Regularly test your war base against friendly challenges to identify and fix weaknesses.

Adjusting Your Base Layout Based on Attack Trends

Analyzing Attack Logs

Review your attack logs to understand how your base is being attacked and where it is vulnerable.

Updating Base Design Periodically

Adjust your base design regularly to counter new strategies and trends in the game.

Adapting to New Meta Strategies

Stay informed about the latest attack strategies and adjust your base layout to counter them effectively.

Defensive Tactics for TH8

Effective Use of Clan Castle Troops

Choose defensive troops that can counter the most common attack strategies at your level.

Choosing the Right Heroes

Upgrade and position your Barbarian King to defend key areas of your base.

Defensive Spells Placement

Place defensive spells like Skeleton Traps and Giant Bombs to disrupt enemy attacks.

Offensive Strategies to Break TH8 Bases

Popular Attack Compositions

Learn the most effective attack compositions for TH8, such as Dragon attacks, GoWiPe, and Hog Riders.

Step-by-Step Attack Plans

Develop detailed attack plans to maximize your chances of success against various base layouts.

Analyzing Successful Attacks

Review successful attacks against TH8 bases to understand what works and why.


Designing the best TH8 home base layout requires understanding the principles of base design, knowing the strengths and weaknesses of your defenses, and staying adaptable to new strategies. By following the tips and strategies outlined in this guide, you can create a strong, effective TH8 base that will help you protect your resources, win wars, and climb the trophy ranks.


  1. What is the best overall TH8 base layout? The best layout depends on your goals, whether it’s farming, war, or trophy pushing. Hybrid bases offer a balanced approach for overall use.
  2. How often should I update my TH8 base layout? Update your base layout regularly, especially after significant upgrades or when you notice patterns in how you’re being attacked.
  3. What are the most important defenses to upgrade first at TH8? Focus on upgrading Air Defenses, Wizard Towers, and your Barbarian King to improve both ground and air defense capabilities.
  4. How can I protect my resources effectively at TH8? Use a farming base layout with centralized storages and surround them with strong defenses. Regularly collect resources to minimize losses.
  5. What are some common TH8 base design mistakes to avoid? Avoid clustering defenses of the same type, neglecting air defenses, and placing resource storages too close together. Spread out defenses and resources to create a balanced, strong base.

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